Our Impact

LAPO Microfinance Bank has embraced the challenge of serving the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with our responsive, pacesetting and innovative financial products. Our services enable low-income households enhance their productive capacity, build and consolidate their economic base and manage risk.

We constantly aim at improving the lives of the underprivileged through our pioneering services. Our clients are also socially empowered through our services as they gain self-respect and self-confidence by not only successfully utilizing the loans for the benefit of their businesses and family life but also ensuring the prompt repayment of such loans along with the interest.

Principles of Engagement

1.The purpose of LAPO MfB is to serve its clients

We listen to them, reason with them and serve them in an atmosphere of trust and respect

2.We leverage on technology to serve our clients faster and better:

Our investment is cost-effective, tailored solutions enhances institutional efficiency and client convenience

3.Our business is where our clients are: 

If it is done right there, it is right with the microfinance bank. We go out there to support them.

4.We can achieve more as a team, we support each other: 

We shake hands with individual performers, but hug outstanding team players.