LAPO silviaMrs. Sylvia Orok
" I heard about the microcredit programme of LAPO MfB in 2008, when I was in financial need to expand my restaurant business.   With the help of their swift financial service, I got my loan and moved into a bigger business location. I now make an average of N7, 000 (USD 445) daily as profit from my restaurant business and find ease in supporting my family."

LAPO benjaminMr. Benjamin Wale Ogunkanmbi

" With support from LAPO MfB, my electrical appliance business improved the standard of living for my family. The business grew from a capital base of N9, 000 (USD 60) in 2003 to N300, 000 (USD 2,013) to date. I make an average profit of N70, 000 monthly (USD 470) from which I save N1, 500 (USD 10) daily."

LAPO aminaMrs. Aminat Abioye

"On the advice of a friend in 2007, I joined LAPO MfB and haven’t looked back since. I am now in my 7th stage of regular loan. My timber business has grown rapidly with a corresponding increase in profit margin. Now I am economically empowered to assist in my children’s educational development, feed and clothing, unlike before."

LAPO KejiMrs. Keji Babasanya

"I was reluctant initially to apply for the LAPO MfB Scholarship scheme but was surprised when my son’s name was selected as one of the winners during the balloting exercise. I am happy that LAPO MfB is giving my child the opportunity to enjoy free education."

LAPO simbiatMrs. Simbiat Oke

"I have always heard about the LAPO MfB Scholarship Scheme, so I represented my area at the balloting session. The entire process was free and fair. I was very happy when my child’s name was called out as one of the winners of the scholarship exercise. LAPO MfB is indeed the best Microfinance Bank."